Collection: VGR Subscription Bundles: The Ultimate Curated Music Experience

Every month, a curated collection of records handpicked for you shipped to your door! No two bundles are alike. Now after 2 years we plan to expand and host the program ourselves to save you money! 

The VGR subscription program was birthed during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown. We closed the doors to the brick and mortar store and sold solely online to set an example of taking precautionary measures for our customers and employees, their families/friends, and our cats (Boris and Hampton!) Now the Village Green Records store is at a new chapter; transitioning from Muncie to Montgomery Alabama and we want to keep in touch! 

Historically we've been helping you take chances in your music journey. Now help us as we take the plunge in closing one store to open another.  After handpicking and shipping out thousands of records across the country the VGR’s personalized monthly bundles will be what saves the store once again. The VGR subscription program has been so incredibly successful that we want to continue beyond the epidemic and into the great beyond.

With over 10,000 albums in vinyl, CD, and tape at any given time! We’ve filled this tiny shop to the brim with hand-selected albums by Travis Harvey, the owner! There is nothing Travis loves more than exposing people to new music. Everything from around the world and your back yard we want to give you an opportunity to embark on in your music-listening journey!

Join at $25 and above we will be hand-selecting monthly bundles of albums from the new and used product for you in the format of your choice; Vinyl, Tape, CD or maybe a mix of the three, that’s your choice!

Your mood options

When you sign up at these levels you will have a choice of what mood you want each month:

Chill- Unwind to it. Nap to it. Vibe to it. Study to it. "Netflix and chill" to it.

Agro- Music for the tortured soul, coming at you like a jackhammer to the skull.

Upbeat- This bundle helps you start your day off right. It could be bright sunny indie-pop, uplifting soul, or something to make you shake that thang.

Sad Bastard- Commonly of the singer-songwriter flavor. These fined-tuned songs usually build a sympathetic bond with the artist. Essentially music that helps you cry yourself to sleep.

Weirdo- For the most adventurous person! Hard to define albums that may be challenging!

When you subscribe your first bundle is shipped out that month and we will do our best to keep up on the bundles.

A few snafus we have encountered 

-The fact of the matter is, we may send you an album you already own. Once our brick and mortar store is open in Montgomery, Alabama we'd be happy to trade it in for another album of the same price range! If you don't live in our area, contact us and ship you a replacement or work out some other sort of accommodation. 

- Currently, we can only ship within the United States.