Our Story

Very Humble Beginnings...

For over 16 years the Village Green Records has been driven by the ideal to educate, challenge, and inspire with music and records! As a “young punk kid”, Travis took small steps to slowly build a humble grassroots business right off Ball State University. 

Now, after becoming a staple of the Muncie community and East Central Indiana, Travis wants to expand and provide the same care and love of music with Montgomery, Alabama.

At the VGR each and every record is handpicked with the intention to provide a surplus of music choices, growing more eclectic every day. We keep up to date with new releases in vinyl, CDs, and DVDs from all genres and at the same time build upon our used vinyl selection with batches of lightly used records. The store may be small, but it provides a large array of music.

Since the store’s inception, the VGR has hosted in store and outdoor events hosting over 500 acts from around the globe. If you would like for your band to perform at the shop please send us a message or send an email to villagegreenrecords@gmail.com.

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, the VGR created a subscription program to continue sharing new music with our clientele. Each month our Patreon members are given bundles of curated picks in the patron’s requested format - CD, Tape, or Vinyl.

Join to grow your musical knowledge and record collection with records shipped right to your door.

Past (national/international) performers have been:

Caddywhompus, Swirlies, Charlene Kaye, Timbre, The Sun + The Soil, Wye Oak, Nurses, Horse Feathers, Jookabox, Evangelicals, Anni Rossi, Cities Aviv, Building Better Bombs (P.O.S.), Unwed Sailor, Brazil, Bit Mummy, Milagres, Bizzart, Odawas, Dave Fischoff, Canterbury Effect, In the Face of War, Birth Screams, Rodeo Ruby Love, Murder by Death, Liz Janes, Drew Danburry, Arrah and the Ferns, Half-Handed Cloud, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Audrey Ryan, Jeff the Brotherhood, Glue, husband&wife, Charlie Slick, William Sides Atari Party, Metavari, Burnt Ones, Apache Dropout, Laura Stevenson, State Champion, Seedy Seeds, Mason Proper, Good Luck, We Are Hex, Selfish Whales, American History, Rock Plaza Central, Oldine, Tamagawa, Middlemen, Jive Ocean, Valleys, Circuit Des Yeux, and many more!

Past local (to) Indiana performers have been:

Rodeo Ruby Love, Everything, Now!, Owlsburg, Support the TROOPZ, Shapes & Sizes, Josh Condon, Shipwreck Karpathos, Osteofercious, Cities of Noise, Scales, Small Wonders, Joel Levi, Cowboy Angels, Picked Clean, CleanXSlate, Acid Devils, Parasitic Twins, Swan, Facts of Life, Barf Blood, Still, Whoa Bro Awesome, This Story, Either/Or, Merc Versus, Chad Serhal, Works Cited, She Does is Magic, Holy Ghost Canyon, Bonesetters, Bobby Vomit, Dr. Butcher MD, Tianamen Squared, The Sorely Trying Days, Bleed Stone, Sky Thing, P.O.N.S., Man Called Relik, Valdez Horses, Saababanks, Pretender Contender, Webcam Teenz, The Wolve's Pursuit, Delta Gold, Brother Juniper, Wooden Boxes, Prayer breakfast, Everthus the Deadbeats, Thunders, Wax Fang, Bears of Blue River, Eat the Rich, St. Vlasco, Hot Air Balloon, Hot Fighter, Beta Male, + MANY MORE