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Dave & Ansell Collins — Double Up!

Dave & Ansell Collins — Double Up!

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180g / Limited Compilation of 14 killer cuts! / Made in England / Pressed in 2014 / The Jamaican Reggae duo Dave and Ansell Collins hit big time in 1970 when they topped the UK Charts with one of the all time classic reggae singles 'Double Barrel'. It also became one of the first Reggae hits in the USA. The distinctive chant of singer Dave Barker calling out the intro to songs letting the listener know what about to hit them is timeless. He also carries a great soul voice that has added magic to many a great reggae tune. Dave and Ansell are two talented artists that on their own have added so much to the reggae sounds we know and love. But together they have made a name that will go down in history as one of the great duo's that came out of Jamaica and onto the world's stage. We have compiled a set of songs that show the wide ranging talents of Dave Barker and Ansell Collins..
Time to Double more time........ / 1. Liquidator Shuffle 2. 007 (Both Barrels) 3. Just Can't Stand It (Man Next Door) 4. Johnny Dollar 5. The Beatitude 6. Great Shocks Of Mighty 7. Girl Of My Dreams 8. Oh Baby (Django Returns) 9. Queen Of The Minstrel 10. Mister Talkative 11. Riding For A Fall 12. Trying To Conquer Me 13. Sexy Dream 14. Hot Sauce

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