Disassembler — A Wave From A Shore

Disassembler — A Wave From A Shore

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Limited Edition Bleeding Glacier color vinyl / Via tape loops and synth motifs sent from LA to NY, sound artist Christopher Royal
King has teamed with violinist and composer Christopher Tignor toward richly
timbral, emotionally gripping works of spontaneity that unfurl immense details
with each replay while marrying west coast outboard-ambient to studied east coast
modern classical. The resulting debut album, A Wave From A Shore, exhibits both
artists’ sonic identifiers falling in and out of cooperation before binding into a new
entity distinct from either’s solitary palettes.
A visual artist whose work includes album covers for Thrice and Deftones in
addition to video bumps for Adult Swim, Christopher Royal King spent his teenage
years cutting his teeth on heavy metal and punk before gravitating, quickly and
perhaps unexpectedly, toward experimental composers like Philip Glass and Terry
Riley. This unlikely seesaw of influences led directly to King forming the post-rock
pillar This Will Destroy You with fellow San Antonio native Jeremy Galindo. Similar
to his former band’s output, King’s solo meanderings impart a mood of buoyancy
and contemplation while hinting at darker, more shadowy hues beneath the
glimmer, making his music stand apart from the glut of New Age droners and
modular-synth influencers. Where the genre at large is sometimes guilty of being
the spiritual equivalent of a topical balm, King’s aesthetic is more like a rigorous
therapy session that's as healing as it is confronting.

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