Kyuss — ...And The Circus Leaves Town

Kyuss — ...And The Circus Leaves Town

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Reissue / Pressed in 2014 / ...And the Circus Leaves Town is the fourth and final studio album by American stoner rock/metal band Kyuss, released on July 11, 1995, three months before their breakup. "One Inch Man", the album's only official single. Before Kyuss splintered and Josh Homme went on to form the equally brilliant Queens Of The Stone Age, the band released the excellent valedictory "And The Circus Leaves Town." Although this album doesn't quite live up to the lofty standard established by the utter masterpieces "Blues For The Red Sun" and "Welcome To Sky Valley," it still showcases the creativity and instrumental virtuosity the band was known for. At the same time, it's perhaps Kyuss's quietest album, turning down the raging sandstorm of sound that characterized "Blues" and (to a lesser extent) "Sky Valley." For the most part, "And The Circus Leaves Town" is the kind of album you could play while kicking back with a beer on your porch and not annoy the neighbors.

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