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My Morning Jacket — My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket — My Morning Jacket

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My Morning Jacket - My Morning Jacket (Sky Blue & Tangerine Colored Vinyl) Produced and engineered by Jim James over two multi-week sessions at LA's 64 Sound, My Morning Jacket is the band's first new music since 2015's The Waterfall. My Morning Jacket reaffirms the rarefied magic that's made them so beloved, embedding every groove with moments of discovery, revelation, and ecstatic catharsis while simultaneously harnessing the intensity of their legendary live show more fully than ever before. On their new full-length - the first new music since The Waterfall (2015) - My Morning Jacket reaffirm the rarefied magic that has made them so beloved, embedding each song with moments of discovery, revelation and ecstatic catharsis. It comes after a near permanent hiatus for the band until performing four shows in summer '19 left them with a new energy. Jim James engineered/produced at 64 Sound in LA where the band spent weeks in intentional seclusion emerging with their self-titled 9th album.

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