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New York Soul '66 — New York Soul '66 Compilation [RSD]

New York Soul '66 — New York Soul '66 Compilation [RSD]

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Record Store Day 2017 Exclusive Compiled and Pressed by History of Soul Records in MONO / Made in England / The Big Apple had long been a leading centre of Afro-American music, from the Tin Pan Alley days right through to the fifties and sixties. By 1966, when soul was the dominant musical form, New York was THE recording centre of the US, with more records produced here than anywhere else. And while there aren’t many hits represented here and you may not have heard of half of the singers, these tracks represent the sound of the city rather better than many big label productions. This is the sound of the streets and the clubs. It’s music from way below the radar, bringing together all the branches of the soul tree from funky R & B to sweet group soul, from pounding uptempo dancers to big city cry ballads. These grooves speak to the feet and to the heart – what more could anyone ask for? 1. Clarence Lewis – Git Ta Steppin
2. Billie Dearborn – Down
3. Jimmy Norman – This I Beg Of You
4. Gladys Tyler – A Little Bitty Girl (With A Great Big Mountain Of Pride)
5. Billy Hambric – You're A Sweetheart
6. Jimmy Garland – Baby One More Time
7. Lorraine Randolph – It's Over Between Us
8. Jimmy Radcliffe – That Lucky Old Sun
9. Bobby McNutt – I'm Gettin' Ready
10. Pearlean Gray – I Don't Want To Cry
11. Duff Thurmond – Now That You Left Me
12. Harrison Brothers – Crying Won't Help You Now
13. Loretta Williams – Baby Cakes
14. The Icemen – Only Time WillTell
15. Ted Taylor – Help The Bear

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