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Sir Deja Doog — An Impossible Darkness (TAPE)

Sir Deja Doog — An Impossible Darkness (TAPE)

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NEW Cassette Tape Sealed / black tape / This collection tells the story of a violent transformation, the destruction of a man and the creation of Sir Deja Doog. Eric Alexander’s career spans twenty years, countless solo performances, and collaborations with some of Indiana’s most notorious punks and freaks.
An Impossible Darkness was recorded in 2010 shortly after Eric checked himself into the hospital with complaints of constant déjà vu, terrifying hallucinations, and being perpetually harassed by invisible monsters. With only a guitar in a dark room, he plays the songs in one continuous take with hardly a breath in between, like a man who is actually running from something. The recording has an eerie ambience at times with quiet and clear harmonics, a creaking chair, unconventional singing, and strange noises projecting from his skull.
While some tapes of An Impossible Darkness circulated among friends it was never released, although a few of the tracks can be found on the Water Brothers Trust Anthology compiled by Bakeneko Recordings. Marching Sunn Records is proud to share this incredible and unique performance with a larger audience through this cassette release.

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