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The Residents — Our Finest Flowers [RSD '23]

The Residents — Our Finest Flowers [RSD '23]

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Our Finest Flowers (subtitled Celebrating Twenty Long Dreary Years of Obscure Stardom) is the nineteenth studio album by The Residents, released through Euro Ralph and East Side Digital on October 13th, 1992, in celebration of the group's 20th Anniversary.
Supposedly inspired by a proposed track list for a "greatest hits" album, which was destroyed when a Resident vomited on it, Our Finest Flowers features a selection of newly-recorded tracks, composed using elements of various songs from throughout the group's (then) twenty-year catalog. Due to this, The Residents internally refer to the album as The Frankenstein Album.

After being out of print for twenty-two years, the CD was reissued (with updated cover art) by MVD Audio in 2015; it is subsequently expected for release in a 31st Anniversary edition by Cherry Red Records and MVD for Record Store Day in 2023, as a newly remastered and pREServed limited vinyl LP. The vinyl edition is expected to release on April 22nd, 2023.

Gone Again (3:59)
Lyrics: Loss Of Innocence
Music: Nobody Laughs When They Leave / The Walrus Hunt
The Sour Song (2:42)
Lyrics: Mostly new, 'Sugar Melts' section from Vinegar
Music: The SImple Song/Jailhouse Rock
Six Amber Things (2:33)
Amber / Six Things To A Cycle
Mr. Lonely (2:30)
Happy Home / The Man In The Dark Sedan
Perfect Goat (2:49)
Lyrics: Golden Goat / Perfect Love
Music: The Making Of A Soul / Shut Up, Shut Up
Blue Tongues (3:42)
Lyrics: Blue Rosebuds
Music: Smelly Tongues
Jungle Bunny (2:48)
Lyrics: Monkey & Bunny
Music: Picnic In The Jungle
I'm Dreaming of a White Sailor (3:10)
Lyrics: The Sailor Song / The Shoe Salesman
Music: My Second Wife
...Or Maybe A Marine (2:48)
Lyrics: Handful Of Desires / Give To Someone Else
Music: The Sailor Song
Kick a Picnic (2:26)
Picnic In The Jungle / Aircraft Damage
Dead Wood (4:25)
Lyrics: Mahogany Wood
Music: Die Stay Go
Baby Sister (3:44)
Forty-Four No More (3:36)
He Also Serves (Abridged remake of The Service) (2:46)
Ship Of Fools (4:16)
Lyrics: Don`t Tread On Me / Pain & Pleasure
Music: Ship`s A Goin' Down
Be Kind To U-WEB Footed Friends (Cover of Stars & Stripes Forever) (0:48)

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