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Tommy McCook — Dubbing With Horns

Tommy McCook — Dubbing With Horns

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Tommy McCook, founding member of the legendary group The Skatalites and a master session musician, left his mark over all the different styles of Jamaican music, from the big band sound that lead to the beginning of ska to the forefront of rocksteady and throughout the various stages of reggae music - all with his distinctive stamp that always added a flavor to the song's style. The 1970s sound that reggae mutated into was heavier in feel, lead by bass and drums with the organ pushed to the forefront. But many of the up-and-coming producers, like Bunny Lee (The Aggrovators), Joe Gibbs (The Professionals), and studios like the Hookim brothers' Channel 1 setup had the foresight to keep using the musicianship of Tommy McCook and his arrangement skills to enhance this sound. It's from this rich period that Jamaican Recordings has compiled a selection of some of Mr. McCook's greatest cuts. Blowing over some great tracks that, stripped of their vocals, see McCook replace them with some fantastic lead lines.

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